Part-Time Nurse

At 26, I had a quarter life crisis, (officially “diagnosed” by the therapist I was seeing at the time) and decided to quit my job in non-profit fundraising, and enroll in nursing school. It was a little bit crazy and a lot bit scary, but in the end, it was totally worth it.

While I was in school, I worked as a nursing assistant at a nursing home (FYI those are the hardest working and least appreciated people in healthcare) and then on the medical/surgical/telemetry unit where I was eventually hired as an RN. I worked as a nurse on that unit for three years before moving into the float pool to expand my horizons and my skills set.

In addition to floor nursing I have served on (and co-chaired) my hospital’s Nurse Practice and Education Council and Shared Decision Making Council. This work allows me to see nurses use their voice for change and it inspires me to tell my story.

Full-Time Human

When I am not working as a nurse, I am trying to do better and make good choices as a single 30-something. Sometimes I am successful and I train for a complete a triathlon or date a decent human male or finish a project I started. Other times I wear dirty clothes hungover on a Tuesday after being out long enough to drink through a regular happy hour and a late night happy hour and wonder if the taxi cab confession type conversation with the unsuspecting Uber driver counts as a date. Five-star rating for you sir!

As Albert Einstein (and my online dating profiles) have said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” I love baseball, theater, a good brown liquor and a great cup of coffee. I’m just as happy traveling the world as I am snuggled up at home. I am freckled, flawed, funny, and just trying to figure it out.



Lots of folks know it’s a bad idea to steal a nurse’s pen… probably shouldn’t steal their blog content either cuz it’s original (unless noted) and from the heart. Thank you in advance for linking back to my words and images.